We’ve all been bombarded with advertisements about Low T. If you keep your eyes peeled, they are everywhere, from print ads to online advertisements; they are almost omnipresent. Although many of us might be aware of the symptoms and the health risks associated with having Low T, what’s not discussed enough is the time range in which men’s testosterone levels begin to decline. It might be important to educate yourself on this issue, so you’re aware of when to start worrying about your testosterone levels.


When Does Low T Drop in Men?

Most studies have shown that testosterone levels begin to drop in men once they have turned 30, and tends to decline one percent per year after that. Around this age, you might want to start looking into your testosterone levels to see if they are at normal levels.


According to many studies, “the prevalence of low total T in men over 60 years old is, on average, around 20% to 30% and it constantly increases with aging.” When you’re around this age, it might be wise to have a healthy diet and exercise to maintain healthy testosterone levels. Also, around 60, you might want to start discussing with your doctor about your testosterone levels.

Low T Symptoms

If you’re unsure that your testosterone levels are low, you might want to check if you’re experiencing symptoms that are associated with Low T. Such as fatigue. If you’re finding yourself more often than not tired physically or mentally, it could be a sign that your testosterone levels are low. Having difficulty gaining or retaining muscle is another one. Don’t blame it on your free weight routine it might be Low T. Another is memory loss, you might think memory loss is part and parcel with aging. But low testosterone levels might be what’s causing you to forget where you put your keys and why you've been flubbing your "masterful" jokes. There are many other symptoms associated with Low T. Such as low libido, hair loss, mood swings and much more. 

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you might want to take our general wellness quiz for men.

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